Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Superstorm Sandy Update: We're In It for the Long Road Ahead

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Superstorm Sandy Update: We're In It for the Long Road Ahead

This photo was taken by Aidmatrix COO Keith Thode as he travelled through New Jersey on Friday 11/2 after a day of working with relief organizations and getting them connected to our relief network of tools and programs. Power outages at pumping stations and fuel rationing continue to be issues in this complex and immense recovery process.

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The coordination of the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts is "big data" work. Aidmatrix excels at working with the relief community in NYC, NJ & NY to collect information about what is needed to help people whose homes were destroyed. All of this information is combined and communicated to major business associations and websites like Microsoft.comBut we go beyond sending donations and supplies into the affected area: We help people rebuild their lives.

We're helping the relief community so they have less paperwork to shuffle, so they can focus on the relief work they do best. We help them by broadcasting out their needs, matching donation offers, and getting the logistics and transportation sorted out. We help manage the multi-agency relief warehouses that organize and distribute the donations and we help reach coworld cares sandy quoterporate donors that want to contribute. We play that crucial step in getting the aid from point A to B. Why? Because our relief partners don't have time to manually coordinate these complicated activities. They are in the trenches helping people rebuild their lives and need support from groups like Aidmatrix so they actually have products to distribute to people in need.

But while some of this work is covered by contracts, much of the work we do as a service to the relief community is not funded. When we send in our staff to assist on-the-ground, as we did for Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, and countless other disasters, that is a service we provide to the relief community as part of our overall mission. We do this because we are more than just the "big data" and transactions that run across our software systems: We are Disaster Relief Logistics Specialists and that's what makes us different from any other for-profit supply chain software shop.

Please help support our team as we prepare for the long road ahead to rebuild the shoreline communities hit by Superstorm Sandy. Your donation of just $25 or more can go a long way to helping fund Aidmatrix's continued involvement in the recovery. From coordinating the first phase of food, medicine, shelter; for the next phase of clean-up; to the longest phase of rebuilding, Aidmatrix is in it for the long haul, standing side by side with the relief community as a technology provider and so much more as a relief provider. Your donation will be used to support programs like embedding our team in the field so we can be on-the-ground with the relief community, easing their burden and getting the work done. At Aidmatrix, 95% of your donation dollars go directly to program work and not overhead.

We run lean. We are nimble.
We are efficient, and we help our relief partners do the same
so we can all deliver more aid to those in need.

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Thank you,

Gov. Scott McCallum
CEO & President

*The Aidmatrix Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. Donations made to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowable under the law. Aidmatrix is a nonprofit you can trust. We are listed as a GuideStar Valued Partner and 96% of our funding goes directly for humanitarian relief programs. For more information visit www.aidmatrix.org.

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