Friday, June 12, 2009

Aidmatrix wins Supply Chain Distinction Award

This week I traveled from Munich to Duesseldorf Germany to attend the Supply Chain Distinction Awards gala event as part of the European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit 2009. It was exciting seeing some old friends and hearing everyone talking in supply chain terms. Aidmatrix was on the short list for 2 awards: Supply Chain Innovation and Best Value Chain/Supply Chain Solutions Provider. There were many top companies known for their supply chain performance in each of the 7 categories. Supply chain is normally considered part of manufacturing, so I was concerned if the judges would understand the impact that supply chain improvements could have on the humanitarian sector. Even though there were only 4 companies on both short lists, I did not know how well our work would resonant with core supply chain gurus. Luckily, I did not need to be nervous at the award ceremony. It was exciting to be among the winners.

The following companies were rewarded for their achievements in the following categories:

• Operational Excellence - Procter & Gamble
• Sourcing Excellence - Bunge
• Best Collaborative Practice - Electrolux
• Supply Chain Innovation - Procter & Gamble
• Best Value Chain / Supply Chain Solutions Provider - Aidmatrix
• Supply Chain Skills - Herbalife
• Green Supply Chain - Ford
• Supply Chain of the Year - Herbalife

It was interesting after the award ceremony how many people came up to say how great it was that Aidmatrix could have an impact on the humanitarian sector – including a couple of the judges. I have accepted other supply chain awards over the years, but this one had to be the most exciting. I am proud to be part of Aidmatrix and the impact we have and will have on the humanitarian sector. I have always believed that supply chain improvements are important.

Shari Temple, Managing Director - Europe