Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aidmatrix Attending the IDER (International Disaster and Emergency Resilience) Conference in Florence, Italy April 13-14

The Theme for his year's IDER (International Disaster and Emergency Resilience) Conference is Community Resilience-the impact of climate change and natural and man-made disasters. The conference will take place on April 13&14 in Florence, Italy and is hosted by the University of Florence Center for Protection and Risk Studies. Speakers include: Paul Christin,Homeland Security Specialist, ESRI, USA, Thomas de Lannoy, Director General, Environmental Civil Protection Unit, European Commission,Brussels, Belgium, Rainar All, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), Sweden. Meet Aidmatrix there. For further information visit or contact Elena Mendoza at

Monday, March 28, 2011

Aidmatrix Speaking at the Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) Conference June 8-9 in Washington D.C.

Taking place from June 8-9 in Washington D.C., the Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) is a leading global event dedicated to the effective delivery of humanitarian aid, disaster relief and development.

It aims to facilitate networking, information sharing and improve cross-organization operations amongst those involved in the sector. Visitors will benefit from interactive workshop sessions, opportunities to develop relationships and see the latest innovations in action.

It is a free to attend event. Register online today to confirm your place and receive important show updates at:

Aidmatrix Volunteers from Around the Globe Supporting Relief Efforts

I’m always so grateful for the people that join us on our mission from all walks of life, from all parts of the globe. Neil Gordon is a long time Aidmatrix volunteer, supporting our efforts from his home base in Australia. As a long-time Pre-Sales Executive, Neil has a strong combination of technology fundamentals, communication and business analyst skills. Aidmatrix gives Neil the opportunity to use those skills to volunteer and make a difference.

He volunteers with Aidmatrix in a variety of daily and disaster response roles. Traditionally, Neil helps us on strategic matters and helping us with our positioning and messaging for key projects. Most recently, we activated Neil to help us bring up our Microsoft Disaster Services site for Second Harvest Japan, and keep content fresh from that side of the globe.

Thank you to Neil, and to all of our amazing Aidmatrix volunteers who fuel our mission.

Keith Thode, Chief Operating Officer

Friday, March 25, 2011

Aidmatrix Visit to CARE - Bangladesh

I traveled to the other side of the world this past week (Feb 20th) to the CARE Bangladesh facility with our partners Dale Herzog from the UPS Foundation and B.K. De from CARE. The trip focused on reviewing new solutions for CARE to implement hand held barcode scanning devices for use in the warehouse and for food beneficiary distribution.

We worked across the street from the largest wholesale produce market in Dhaka where, starting at midnight, produce is purchased for use throughout the city by local merchants. By dawn the trucks are loaded and pulling out and the empty sacks are rinsed and laid to dry on the rooftop under the hot sun. For several days, we spent much time listening, white-boarding and planning out the food distribution automation project with CARE Bangladesh team members who shared a tremendous amount of their first-hand experience in managing the relief warehouse.

Our ultimate goal is to round out the complete supply chain by providing this last step of tracking the distribution all the way down to the individual beneficiary. This level of tracking and reporting will provide CARE with a great deal of transparency and rich information about their complete programs so they can become even more efficient in the distribution of aid.

We were treated with such hospitality and patience as we probed deeply into the daily operations trying to gather as much detail as possible and I'd like to thank our hosts at CARE Bangladesh for all their help as they are helping pioneer these new advances in humanitarian relief.

- Michael Ross, Aidmatrix VP Delivery

Monday, March 21, 2011

How technology is helping distribute food in Japan

Microsoft, AidMatrix and Slalom Consulting have partnered to provide a cloud based community communication portal for Second Harvest Japan.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Aidmatrix and UPS Help Transport Radiation Detectors to Japan

Senior Program Manager Brad Watts explains how Aidmatrix connected a donation of Radiation Detectors from Berkeley Nucleonics to Second Harvest Japan, with UPS donating the transportation of the donation. Thank you to the AT&T Foundation and the Pepsi Foundation for providing grants to make connections like these possible

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hawaiian Airlines Transporting Disaster Response Teams to Japan

HONOLULU – Hawaiian Airlines is transporting specialized teams of disaster response personnel from the mainland to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport this week.

Yesterday, Hawaiian flew seven members of the Eagles’ Wings Foundation from Seattle to Haneda via Honolulu. The Florida-based foundation is dedicated to providing trained emergency responders to disaster response efforts worldwide. This team’s mission is to assess areas of damage in Japan and to improve coordination in the distribution of supplies and aid from other organizations and

Hawaiian is providing the air transportation to Japan at no cost in coordination with AirLink, a nonprofit organization devoted to working with air carriers on providing emergency travel in response to disasters worldwide. Mark Dunkerley, Hawaiian’s president and CEO, is a board member of AirLink.

Hawaiian expects to transport two more teams of emergency responders to Japan this week and plans to accommodate additional AirLink missions.

AT&T Supports Initiatives to Aid Japan Quake Victims

AT&T today announced it is supporting three international relief agencies -- Telecoms Sans Frontieres, Project HOPE and Aidmatrix Network ® -- to assist ongoing relief efforts for the victims of last week's devastating earthquake in Japan.

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UPS Foundation Pledges US $1 Million for Japan Earthquake Relief

Atlanta - Following Friday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan, The UPS Foundation has pledged $1 million in relief for earthquake victims there. The funds will be used for in-kind transportation of emergency supplies, trained humanitarian logistics personnel, and financial support.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japanese Food Bank Makes Appeal for Donations

Our partners at Second Harvest Japan have made an appeal for donations of cash and products to help in the disaster relief efforts from the earthquake. Second Harvest Japan is Japan's first national food bank.
Needed Items:
* Allergen-free food, food for infants, food for the elderly who need nursing care, food for diabetics;
* Snacks (this would help people psychologically a lot);
* Daily necessities such as portable gas stoves, batteries, flash lights;
* Diapers for children and the elderly;
* menstrual pads, portable toilets, wet wipes, sanitizers;
* Pet food and pet toilets.
For more details, visit

Update on Japanese Earthquake Disaster Response

Aidmatrix is working with our partners at NetHope who are operating in the disaster zone. NetHope is a unique collaboration of 32 of the world's leading international humanitarian organizations working together to solve common problems in the developing world. They are providing regular updates, including detailed situation reports and ways that you can help support the relief efforts through the following website

Rescue Workers for Japan Earthquake Receive Donated Flights Through AirLink Program

The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) is using their AirLink program to coordinate moving a team of 8 rescue workers from Seattle to Japan on Monday morning March 14, 2011 on Hawaiian Airlines. The relief workers are with a group called Pathfinders and will work with USAF and USAID. Hawaiian Airlines responded to the need posted on the AirLink website and then fully donated the seats through AirLink's program. Aerobridge helped coordinate the effort as well.

AirLink has used Aidmatrix' International Transportation Donations Management module extensively during the Haiti earthquake disaster and recovery to coordinate matching transportation needs and transportation providers in an effort to move relief workers and supplies into the disaster zone as quickly as possible.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake / Tsunami Response Update

Aidmatrix is working diligently with our global NGO and local partners in Japan to connect the various response efforts for the recent earthquake.

Needs for In-Kind and Transportation donations are currently being assessed and will be posted to the Aidmatrix Network as they become available.

Communications and connectivity are difficult at present in Japan as relief teams are still making their way to the area, so please continue to check for updates or follow us on:

Our Blog: The Journey of Humanitarian Relief
Email Alerts


Donate Cash
Donate In-Kind Products/Services for U.S. States impacted by the Tsunami via the National Donations Management Network (FEMA) portal on the Aidmatrix Network. At this time, our partners responding in Japan are still finalizing logistics for in-kind donations to Japan. We will update you on this as soon as this information is available.

Governor Scott McCallum
President and CEO
The Aidmatrix Foundation

P.S. In addition, Aidmatrix is working with our partners to respond to the Earthquake in Japan. Help support our efforts by texting GIVEAID to 85944 to donate $10 to Aidmatrix.
*A onetime $10 will be billed to your mobile phone bill. Messaging & data rates may apply. Donations are collected for the benefit of Aidmatrix by Mobile Giving Foundation and subject to the terms at Unsubscribe at any time by replying STOP to 85944. Reply HELP to 85944 for help.

Mobile Giving Foundation (MGF) respects the privacy of donors. See MGF's privacy policy at

Monday, March 7, 2011

Aidmatrix at the Socialbar

What is socialbar? Socialbar is an initiative with currently 17 groups in Germany and groups in Austria and Switzerland. Socialbar focuses on the power of the internet to affect profound change in society.

"The Socialbar Munich is a meet-up for social change agents to give them a platform for personal interaction; to support and inspire them to act on their ambitions to make our society better for everyone, "says Andreas Kopp, organizer of the Munich socialbar, where Elena Mendoza, Aidmatrix's Marketing Director-Europe, introduced the Aidmatrix Foundation on March 3rd.

Social entrepreneurs and activists, corporate champions of sustainability, politicians, people of different ages, backgrounds, talents and perspectives come together at the Socialbar.

Elena Mendoza, Aidmatrix: “Socialbar Munich opened my eyes to grassroots social change in our own backyard. I met people who are veteran social activists and the next generation of change agents who are studying social innovation, as well as folks who have started their own nonprofit initiatives. People were passionate and dedicated to hands-on service. It was inspiring, motivating, and powerful.”

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FareShare's North West (Manchester) Depot Goes Live with Aidmatrix Online Warehouse Module

FareShare is a UK national charity which supports communities to relieve food poverty. In their last fiscal year FareShare redistributed food providing over 7.4 million meals, or serving on average 29,000 people every day.

FareShare recently went live at it's 6th depot, North West (Manchester), with Aidmatrix's Online Warehouse module implementation. FareShare plans to roll out the Aidmatrix NetworkTM Online Warehouse and In-kind Donations Management Modules to all its depots in 2011, ultimately linking these with the community organisations that benefit from the FareShare food, as well as the food companies that are partnering with FareShare to ensure that their surplus food is put to good use.

“Aidmatrix roots started with hunger relief. We are pleased to play a part in helping FareShare achieve their goals in alleviating hunger and reducing food waste in the United Kingdom.” - Shari Temple, Managing Director - Aidmatrix Europe

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aidmatrix Presenting at the 2011 Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference

Hosted by the Georgia Tech Health and Humanitarian Logistics Center on March 3rd & 4th in Atlanta, GA

The main objectives of the conference are to articulate the opportunities and challenges in humanitarian relief and world health, both from a humanitarian and a corporate/economic, to identify important research issues, to create academic awareness for the research opportunities and to establish priorities for NGOs, corporations, and government in terms of their strategies, policies and investments.

Michael Ross, Aidmatrix's Vice President - Technology, will be the moderator of a panel discussion entitled "Technology to Improve Logistics Decisions".

Read more about the conference