Thursday, April 28, 2011

Breaking News: Tornadoes Cause Catostrophic Damage in Alabama

Alabama's Governor's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives is responding to yesterday's tornadoes and has issued the instructions on their website for donating to help in the disaster relief efforts. Visit for details

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aidmatrix Network Connects Donated Water from CannedWater4Kids to Second Harvest Japan via UPS Foundation

Milwaukee, WI - April 26, 2011 - The Aidmatrix Foundation Inc. today announced another donated product shipment was sent to Second Harvest Japan free of charge, to aid their earthquake and tsunami relief, by the UPS Foundation. CannedWater4Kids donated a truckload (52,800 12-ounce cans) of drinking water to support the Japanese relief effort via the Aidmatrix Network. Second Harvest Japan accepted the donation and The UPS Foundation donated the shipment of the products to Japan.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Aidmatrix, NetHope, and BHN Provide Relief to Japan

Aidmatrix has been extremely busy the past 4 weeks helping the people of Japan recover from the Earthquake and Tsunami. We have been able to coordinate donations and transportation valued over half a million dollars. The majority of these donations were offers of basic relief supplies, but Aidmatrix was also able to move radiation detectors and a donation of over 2,060 computers has made an interesting impact when it comes to rebuilding the infrastructure in Japan. A partner of Aidmatrix is the association called NetHope and they have been able to secure 2 different donations of computers. The bulk of which has been distributed to members of the NetHope Association ( Aidmatrix coordinated the donation with the international nonprofit NetHope with our on the ground partner Japan Second Harvest (J2H). J2H received the computers at their warehouse location and provided in country distribution services. Connecting these disparate supply chains truly demonstrates the power of the Aidmatrix network and the contacts that can be made and the relief work that can happen by empowering a community to collaborate.

The remaining computers were offered to a nonprofit in Japan called the BHN Association who will be using these computers to restore Japanese Public Radio. BHN is a member of the AMARC (World Association of Community radios) and specializes in information and communication support and assistance in disaster relief as well as in economic and community development overseas. They are currently doing a project with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign affairs This project is with "FM wai-wai", a community FM radio station based in Kobe. It was set up after the Hanshin-awaji earthquake and has expertise in helping and supporting, or if needed setting up new community-based FM radios in disaster affected areas to ensure people receive information specifically needed by the local people This includes notices to evacuate if a disaster is on its way. The computers provided by the Symantec Corporation in Japan will be provided to community FM radios stations that were affected and were without PCs. PCs are needed to receive content (for example music and other programs produced by others and sent to them for their use), to store data, and organize broadcasting programs. Computers are a vital piece of equipment for broadcasting. These broadcasts are crucial as it helps the community prepare and recover from disaster situations. These FM radios will also provide information in different languages for the non-Japanese population. Finally, BHN is now setting up internet access points in evacuation centers and will use the donated computers at these locations.

Aidmatrix, NetHope, and BHN have been able to connect together to make this donation happen. We would like to extend a thank you to donors like you because your help has contributed in making this happen. If you would like to contribute to our work please go to

Tsunami Warning Issued After New 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake off Northeast Japan Coast

A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck off the Northeast coast of Japan Thursday morning, the same coast the tsunamis affected just a few weeks ago. Officials are warning people living on the coast to evacuate from the shore to a safer place and brace for the potential tsunamis.

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Aidmatrix partner Second Harvest Japan is still responding to the initial earthquake. They have many needs for donations that you can see here. You can also donate cash to Second Harvest Japan and other Aidmatrix partners here.

Check back to our blog and to later for information on how Aidmatrix and our partners are helping the relief efforts.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Aidmatrix tours CitySquare, Dallas, TX

Recently I had the privilege of touring several of the outreach programs sponsored by our friends at CitySquare. As stated in their media materials, “CitySquare exists to fight the root causes of poverty while partnering with those in need. Working together as a community, we feed the hungry, heal the sick, house the homeless, and renew hope in the heart of our city [Dallas and beyond]”.

COO Keith Ackerman and Development Director Shawn Wills shared some of the wonderful people and programs that make CitySquare, formerly Central Dallas Ministries, a place of hope. CitySquare’s office is housed in a 15-story downtown-Dallas building while floors 4 through 15 provide “250 units of affordable housing and 105 units of permanent supportive housing for the formerly homeless”.

The first stop: the TRAC program provides services to those between the ages of 14 and 23 transitioning out of foster care. Additionally, we stopped at their East Dallas food pantry, which distributed nearly two million pounds of food to 12,576 households in 2010; CitySquare’s food pantry receives food from North Texas Food Bank and uses Aidmatrix's AgencyExpress for their online ordering.

Next stop: The free medical clinic, staffed by four doctors, hosted over 10,000 patient visits to low-income, uninsured individuals. They have filled 4,000 medical prescriptions and provided diabetes education to 352 ‘neighbors’.

I was particularly moved by our visit to the Roseland Community located northeast of downtown Dallas. I originally learned of this community in the early 80s as Roseland Homes - essentially the Projects. Today, with the assistance of CitySquare’s commitment and many other volunteers, donors, and philanthropic organizations, it has been renewed. We made an unscheduled visit to the After-School Academy and were greeted by no less than a dozen children in the academy. Each child shook my hand, asked me my name, and told me his or hers, looking directly into my eyes.

Two hours of CitySquare’s people and programs - reaching beyond Dallas to Ft. Worth and Austin - have left a lasting impression.

The latter part of April, the Aidmatrix Programs team will join with diabetes patients in a gardening project; and we anticipate more opportunities to partner with CitySquare in the near future.

Charlotte Medley, Office Manager

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Aidmatrix and Bing Maps Use Windows Azure to Aid Japan Disaster Recovery Efforts

To provide the Second Harvest Japan community of supporters worldwide and relief agencies on the ground access to the latest updates, resources and information about recovery efforts from the recent earthquake and tsunami, Microsoft and The Aidmatrix Foundation have launched the Second Harvest Japan Emergency Response Portal. From this site, supporters can receive the latest situation reports, review the latest news, make financial donations or see relief supply needs and make product donation offers.

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