Monday, May 21, 2012

National VOAD Training Schedule for the National Donations Management Network

The next round of NDMN webinar dates have been posted on the NDMN training website ( Any interested participants can register for the trainings directly from the website.

Webinar Schedule

National VOAD conducts training seminars via the GoToWebinar tool on an ongoing basis. Below are the upcoming courses and dates--to register, click on the course name:
Thursday, May 24th -- Recipient 101/201 (combined course) 5pm-6pm
Tuesday, May 29th -- Administrator 101 2-2:30pm
Tuesday, June 12th -- Administrator 201 2pm-3pm
Thursday, June 14th -- Sandbox Session 2pm-3pm
Thursday, June 26th -- Administrator 301 2pm-3pm
Tuesday, July 10th -- Recipient 101/201 (combined course) 2pm-3pm
Wednesday, July 25th -- Sandbox Session 12pm-1pm

*All times are Eastern Daylight Time.

Webinar Information

As of February 2012, the NDMN training will now be conducted via GoToWebinar software!
To view system requirements and software FAQs, please visit GoToWebinar.

San Francisco's Fleet Week Association Aids in Van, Turkey Earthquake Recovery

In October, 2011, Van, Turkey was hit by a 7.1m earthquake. Subsequent aftershocks continue and included 5+m jolts that cause further damage and fear. Six months later, according to city leaders those that remain (some 150,000 of a city of 350,000) are living in the crumbling remains of building or tents exposed to the winter elements. The citizenry of Van has come together to care for themselves and their neighbors. The municipality of Van operates nine Distribution Centers around the central part of Van where the municipality distributes food and services to the surrounding neighborhoods. They provide some 30,000 meals a day and services include a children’s daycare, laundry, medical and shower facilities.

In January 2012, the San Francisco Fleet Week Association partnered with the City and County of San Francisco, providing support for a fact-finding team from the multiple city agencies to visit the area.  The team advised officials from Van on suggested needs and options for effectively providing humanitarian aid to those affected.