Monday, May 14, 2012

Greetings to Florida’s ESF15 County and Support Agency Partners

Florida’s ESF15 Updates - Action Required
May is a very busy month for all of us as we prepare for hurricane season. I’m writing to provide some updates and ask for little action

Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference:  Merrilee and I are heading to the Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference next week. It will be a full week of trainings, workshops and getting connected to partners, both new and old. If you will be there and we have never met, please seek me out ( or 850-528-3641) so we can put faces to names.

Statewide Hurricane Exercise: Volunteer Florida is actively participating in the 2012 Statewide Hurricane Exercise from Monday, May 21 through Thursday, May 24 at the State Emergency Operations Center.  There are several ways for ESF 15 stakeholders (you! :) to participate.
  • We’ll be conducting several conference calls with ESF 15 partners throughout the exercise.  Please try to participate in as many of them as possible during the week!
  • ESF 15 Support Agencies can log into the Florida Donations Portal “Sandbox” to request items that you would need during a real event.  This will give ESF 15 staff some great practice in responding to your needs.  Support Agencies can also let us know where your volunteers are headed, what their roles will be and even ask for introduction or coordination with the local EOC.
  • County ESF 15 Coordinators in counties impacted by the scenario can create simulated needs, such as “assistance with organizing local donations drop-off points, help from another county to staff a VRC to manage spontaneous volunteers, technical questions on documentation, liability, etc..”
  • In short, we want you to put us to work during the exercise and practice some of the procedures you’d be using if the Hurricane Gispert event were real and impacting your county.
Agency/Organization Logos:  Click here for Volunteer Florida’s updated Guidelines for Using the Volunteer Florida Logo.

ACTION REQUESTED: We are printing logos for our ESF 15 Room at the EOC and occasionally use your logos for presentations, websites and other printed materials.  We want to be sure we have your current logo and are adhering to your logo standards.  If your agency/organization logo standards are online, then please email us the web link.  Otherwise, please email one file of your logo in the highest resolution format available.

1.     EPS file – First Choice
2.     TIF file  - Second Choice
3.     PNG file – Third Choice
4.     JPEG file – Last Choice – (the larger the file the better)

Thank you for your partnership!  We hope Florida’s 2012 hurricane season is a quiet one, but if not we know we can count on you to be part of Florida’s ESF15 team responding to support the effort with your voluntary support.

Tom Linley
Director of Emergency Management and Volunteer Services
Emergency Coordinating Officer – ESF15

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