Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aidmatrix Visit to Christian Community Action

Aidmatrix recently took a trip to Christian Community Action in Lewisville, TX. CCA contains an adult health clinic, a food pantry, free counseling (job, financial and otherwise), and even provides housing in some cases. We were all amazed by the breadth of aid and support that they provide their community. They are one of the only free clinics that is able to offer services 8 hours a day Monday-Saturday.

The tour began with a few of their directors talking with us about CCA and showing us a heartwarming video about all the services that they provide. We were then given a tour of the medical clinic, where we got to see how our technology, FreeClinicLink™, was being used to help in the care of thousands of people in need of medical attention. Our Delivery Team, who created all the software, was graciously thanked by the CCA medical clinic director. Thanks to FreeClincLink™, CCA saved more than $130,000 on donated and discounted medical supplies.

Their food pantry was just as impressive. More than 800 families use their pantry each week, and they are able to choose foods they want to eat. CCA is affiliated with North Texas Food Bank, and they use our AgencyExpress™ program to receive a greater quantity of food more efficiently than ever before.

Christian Community Action also had a large donation processing center, with one of their three resale stores located at the Lewisville site. It was a great experience for all the Aidmatrix employees to visit an organization that we provide the technology to help enrich so many lives.

Graham Caywood, Program Specialist

Monday, July 20, 2009

Aidmatrix “Thank You Accenture” Networking Event

Karen Krygowski and the rest of the Aidmatrix Dallas team organized a networking event to thank Accenture for their generous support, as well as the use of their office space. Invited to the event were Accenture employees as well as leading professionals from the Dallas non-profit and for-profit communities. The event was hosted at the Aidmatrix office, with a spectacular view of the famous Mustangs of Williams Square Plaza.

Governor Scott McCallum, Aidmatrix CEO and President, addressed the guests early in the event. He graciously thanked Accenture for their support these past 7 years, especially for the recent use of their office space. Accenture has worked with the Aidmatrix Foundation to apply its consulting and technology skills to transform humanitarian relief. Accenture supports Aidmatrix through direct financial support, pro-bono support, and volunteer and employee giving campaigns. Their support has helped Aidmatrix and their relief partners assist with disaster relief from Hurricane Katrina to the CA wildfires, the Iowa floods, and to the recent tornados in Mississippi.

Governor McCallum spoke on the partnerships Aidmatrix is building, the partnerships Aidmatrix is expanding upon and the humanitarian aid Aidmatrix is providing all around the world. He concluded by answering questions.

There was a world tour of wines, all provided by the Dallas Fine Wine and Spirits Shoppe. The event was well attended by more than 75 attendees, ranging from Accenture employees, Aidmatrix Governor’s Board members, Aidmatrix employees and other guests alike.

View more photos from the event on our Flickr page

Graham Caywood
Aidmatrix Program Specialist

Monday, July 13, 2009

Aidmatrix Summer Intern's Visit to Mission Arlington

My name is Shruthi Rajashekar and I am currently a summer intern for Aidmatrix. I come into the office a few days a week and partake in work and activities to help me better understand who and what Aidmatrix is. During the time I have been at Aidmatrix, I have worked on placing clinics’ information onto online accounts in Salesforce and in spreadsheets. These names and nummbers did not mean anything in particular to me, just as the people and things used toward humanitarian relief meant nothing to me.

Last week, along with my mentor Charlotte Medley, I visited Mission Arlington, a free clinic/food bank located in Alrington, Texas. They use a large, eclectic variety of discounted and donated products, provided through the Aidmatrix system FreeClinicLink™. To say that my perspective on the work I do changed is an understatement. This mission was filled with volunteers who have everything to give, including something very precious: their time. All the volunteers help copious amounts of people through the clinic, food pantry, clothing distribution, etc.

The majority of my visit was in the medical clinic, where patients were overflowing the lobby. People without insurance and money humbly took a seat and waited for the nurses to call. The doctors were unbelievably amiable and sincere people; they realize that many of these patients have been waiting since as early as three or four in the morning, so they take care of everyone with patience and compassion. All the discounted and donated products were lined up in storage closets and I realized that the Mission Arlington Clinic rapidly runs through that supply. Light humor and love satiated the clinic, and each patient walked out with a feeling of content.

The office staff, translators, nurses, and other volunteers all amazed me with their gracious spirit of volunteerism and their sincere desire to serve people in need despite their circumstances. I was so moved by how everyone wanted to give and even those who did not have much continued to smile. The volunteers helped those in need. They can also help people to realize that anyone can play a part in helping by offering their personal time out of their own work environment. I encourage everyone, if they have not already had the chance, to venture into a clinic, experience something new, and to help someone who cannot return the favor.

Shruthi Rajashekar, Aidmatrix Summer Intern

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aidmatrix CEO wins Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Last week, Charlotte Medley and I attended the 23rd Annual Southwest Area - North Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Ceremony on behalf of our President and CEO, Governor Scott McCallum. The celebratory event was held at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas, Texas, and was attended by hundreds of industry professionals. The evening started with a reception followed by a walk down the “star”-covered red carpet into the Majestic Theater (the carpet literally had gold stars emblazoned with the names of each EOY finalist!).

In the theater, each award category was announced by an impressive line-up of executives, a series of video presentations highlighting the work of the category’s finalists played and then the anticipated envelope containing the winner’s name was opened. Governor McCallum was a finalist in the Innovative Category and it was exciting to see Aidmatrix on the Big Screen. Charlotte and I waited in anticipation for the envelope to be opened. And the winner is… “J. Scott McCallum”! We were thrilled at this exciting moment made even more exciting by the audience reaction, the bright lights and my journey to the stage accompanied by grand orchestra music to accept the award on behalf of Gov. McCallum and the Aidmatrix team.

After the awards ceremony, many of the event attendees approached Charlotte and me to congratulate us and to tell us how impressed and moved they were by the work of Gov. McCallum and Aidmatrix. We were proud to be the only nonprofit organization headed by an Ernst & Young EOY finalist at the event and guests were excited about our work and the fact that we bring such innovation to global humanitarian relief.

Governor McCallum was in impressive company among the finalists. The 11winners were:

J. Scott McCallum, CEO of Aidmatrix Foundation; David Boone, CEO of American CareSource Holdings Inc.; Miles “Jay” Allison, CEO of Comstock Resources Inc. in Frisco, TX; Lew Kling, CEO of Flowserve Corp.; Juli Spottiswood, CEO of Parago Inc.; John Pinkerton, CEO of Range Resources Corp.; Anthony Parella, CEO of Shared Technologies; Gail Warrior-Lawrence, CEO of Warrior Group; Michael Nadeau, CEO of Viverae Inc.; Mark Simmons, chairman of Simmons Foods Inc.; and John Matheson, CEO of Global Power Equipment Group Inc.

These 11 executives along with the winners from other regions now vie for the national Entrepreneur of the Year awards, which will be announced November 14 at a ceremony in Palm Springs, California.

Karen Krygowski, Director of Corporate Development