Monday, July 20, 2009

Aidmatrix “Thank You Accenture” Networking Event

Karen Krygowski and the rest of the Aidmatrix Dallas team organized a networking event to thank Accenture for their generous support, as well as the use of their office space. Invited to the event were Accenture employees as well as leading professionals from the Dallas non-profit and for-profit communities. The event was hosted at the Aidmatrix office, with a spectacular view of the famous Mustangs of Williams Square Plaza.

Governor Scott McCallum, Aidmatrix CEO and President, addressed the guests early in the event. He graciously thanked Accenture for their support these past 7 years, especially for the recent use of their office space. Accenture has worked with the Aidmatrix Foundation to apply its consulting and technology skills to transform humanitarian relief. Accenture supports Aidmatrix through direct financial support, pro-bono support, and volunteer and employee giving campaigns. Their support has helped Aidmatrix and their relief partners assist with disaster relief from Hurricane Katrina to the CA wildfires, the Iowa floods, and to the recent tornados in Mississippi.

Governor McCallum spoke on the partnerships Aidmatrix is building, the partnerships Aidmatrix is expanding upon and the humanitarian aid Aidmatrix is providing all around the world. He concluded by answering questions.

There was a world tour of wines, all provided by the Dallas Fine Wine and Spirits Shoppe. The event was well attended by more than 75 attendees, ranging from Accenture employees, Aidmatrix Governor’s Board members, Aidmatrix employees and other guests alike.

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Graham Caywood
Aidmatrix Program Specialist

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