Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aidmatrix Visit to Christian Community Action

Aidmatrix recently took a trip to Christian Community Action in Lewisville, TX. CCA contains an adult health clinic, a food pantry, free counseling (job, financial and otherwise), and even provides housing in some cases. We were all amazed by the breadth of aid and support that they provide their community. They are one of the only free clinics that is able to offer services 8 hours a day Monday-Saturday.

The tour began with a few of their directors talking with us about CCA and showing us a heartwarming video about all the services that they provide. We were then given a tour of the medical clinic, where we got to see how our technology, FreeClinicLink™, was being used to help in the care of thousands of people in need of medical attention. Our Delivery Team, who created all the software, was graciously thanked by the CCA medical clinic director. Thanks to FreeClincLink™, CCA saved more than $130,000 on donated and discounted medical supplies.

Their food pantry was just as impressive. More than 800 families use their pantry each week, and they are able to choose foods they want to eat. CCA is affiliated with North Texas Food Bank, and they use our AgencyExpress™ program to receive a greater quantity of food more efficiently than ever before.

Christian Community Action also had a large donation processing center, with one of their three resale stores located at the Lewisville site. It was a great experience for all the Aidmatrix employees to visit an organization that we provide the technology to help enrich so many lives.

Graham Caywood, Program Specialist

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