Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aidmatrix Delivers Humanitarian Relief through World Concern

Desperate families were brought to their knees after the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti in January. Not only did the disaster kill 230,000 people, it crippled the infrastructure – and brought forth one of the largest humanitarian needs of recent times.

Aidmatrix helped humanitarian organizations relieve some of this suffering, connecting established relief organizations with supplies and transportation to reach families in tremendous need.

Humanitarian organization World Concern used Aidmatrix to coordinate transportation and donated goods to help people in Haiti. With a 30-year presence in Haiti, World Concern already had established channels to distribute aid, but needed more resources to deliver.

“The whole thing was miraculous,” said Susan Talbot, Gift-In-Kind manager for World Concern. “It’s a service that is desperately needed.”

Talbot immediately posted requests on Aidmatrix after the earthquake hit. She also watched postings from donors of goods and services. World Concern made several connections on the website, for donated medical equipment, soccer balls – and a donated use of a private plane and pilot to fly the president of the organization in to help direct the response.

“I logged in every day to see what was available,” said Talbot. “Our organization received a variety of valuable donated products from USAID’s Aidmatrix Donations Management portal.

World Concern estimates they received $31,441 in value of donated goods and services sourced through Aidmatrix. It allowed a more substantial response – in a time of critical need. The humanitarian value on the ground, though, kept Talbot engaged – knowing that it was making a real difference in the lives of those affected.

“I loved making these connections,” said Talbot. “At one point my manager said he was going to take my laptop away from me because I was so addicted.”

-Story courtesy of World Concern