Monday, October 31, 2011

Aidmatrix Attends 28th International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin

On October 19, I had the opportunity to attend the 28th German Logistics Congress in Berlin. As a supply chain person, it is always interesting to hear the latest information about what organizations are doing. The conference was well attended with about 3500 participants from about a dozen countries.

I was part of the panel in the breakout session on Humanitarian Logistics. It was great to see several hundred people in the audience – that so many were interested in the topic. I enjoyed learning the new happenings in academia in this area. During my part, I explained the role that logistics has for saving lives – giving 2 examples – disaster relief in Haiti and hunger relief in the UK. It was great having the opportunity to share how Aidmatrix software can assist logisticians with humanitarian aid. After the session, several people asked how their corporation could help.

Shari Temple

Aidmatrix Global SCM Senior Principal

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FareShare Hunger Relief Warehouse in Birmingham, England, Now Live

FareShare Birmingham went live today with the Aidmatrix Network Online Warehouse Plus+ Module. "FareShare is a great example of how each go live gets easier as they do more. This was done with minimal help from Aidmatrix," reported Shari Temple of Aidmatrix (15:47 GMT October 31 2011)

The depot is in Birmingham, England. They are in the West Midlands of England. FareShare now has 11 live depots (warehouses) on Aidmatrix' Online Warehouse. Thanks for all that have made this a successful partnership.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Aidmatrix Attends Fleet Week in San Francisco

Gov. McCallum and I had the honor of joining senior military personnel in San Francisco as part of the city’s Fleet Week. We spent the afternoon conferring with government officials, military personnel and members of industry in a session chaired by former Secretary of State George Shultz. The session was hosted on the USS Bonhomme Richard.

See Keith standing outside a US Battleship

Scott joined other prestigious panelists and presenters in sharing insights from all sectors involved in humanitarian response. Below is a picture of Scott speaking with fellow presenters Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and George Shultz.

See picture of Gov. McCallum, Gov. Barbour and George Shultz

Aidmatrix plays a strategic role in the area of “Private Sector Engagement” where the US Government and Military works with non-government entities to coordinate their efforts to advance society and care for those in need. Aidmatrix technologies create a social network of engagement that helps individuals, businesses and nonprofits get past the good intentions of wanting to help and accomplishing real cooperative action. Aidmatrix helps accomplish the goal of, as one speaker put it, “Unity of Commitment but not Unity of Control.”

Through this trip a new class of military leaders are better equipped to leverage the private sector via tools such as The Aidmatrix Network™

-Keith Thode, Aidmatrix COO