Monday, October 31, 2011

Aidmatrix Attends 28th International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin

On October 19, I had the opportunity to attend the 28th German Logistics Congress in Berlin. As a supply chain person, it is always interesting to hear the latest information about what organizations are doing. The conference was well attended with about 3500 participants from about a dozen countries.

I was part of the panel in the breakout session on Humanitarian Logistics. It was great to see several hundred people in the audience – that so many were interested in the topic. I enjoyed learning the new happenings in academia in this area. During my part, I explained the role that logistics has for saving lives – giving 2 examples – disaster relief in Haiti and hunger relief in the UK. It was great having the opportunity to share how Aidmatrix software can assist logisticians with humanitarian aid. After the session, several people asked how their corporation could help.

Shari Temple

Aidmatrix Global SCM Senior Principal

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