Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aidmatrix Helps Facilitate Delivery of $1.9 Million in Medical Supplies Through IMEC

Aidmatrix's International Transportation Program helped facilitate the delivery of $1.9 Million in medical equipment to Tuvalu, a remote Polynesian island, through IMEC (International Medical Equipment Collaborative) - equipment that likely otherwise would have been land filled. IMEC is a nonprofit whose mission is to serve doctors and nurses in developing countries by providing them with quality tools to advance the standard of health care for their nation's poor. Nearly 4,000 of the island's 12,000 inhabitants are children so the issue of adequate medical care is essential, especially with the prevalence of skin infections, kidney failure from diabetes, cardiac conditions, and worm infestations.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Food Banks Continue to Praise Feeding America's first Mobile Enabled Application, Built in Partnership with Aidmatrix

With today’s workforce, mobility and access is key to employee productivity and effectiveness. Feeding America partnered with Aidmatrix to create a mobile enabled version of their ChoiceSystem – an on-line closed bidding and auction system that allows over 800+ users to bid on loads of products. The joint team worked together to optimize the critical functionality for use on a smartphone. The members can view the loads available for bidding and see the results of the auction as to which bids they won or lost. Congratulations to Feeding America on this successful launch. Aidmatrix is honored to be able to partner with Feeding America on this innovative and socially impactful initiative.

• Peter Ricardo from Food Bank of Central New York, East Syracuse, NY
“I’m sure most food sourcers will tell you that much of our time is busied with being out in the service area, visiting donors, making calls, and looking for opportunities to connect food. To have the Choice System as handy as your phone will be a wonderful addition to the tool box that saves trips back to the office or searches for Wi-Fi hotspots. Thanks Aidmatrix.”

•Don Moore from The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri, Columbia, MO
As one of the testers of ChoiceMobile, I was excited we would be getting the mobile ap. I use Linux/Firefox on my computer at home so my only choice was to be at the office, have someone else bid for me, or skip bidding altogether. The very first day the mobile ap was available, I had to be away from the office for a project that lasted several hours longer than expected. I was able to bid from my MOTOROLA DROID. You did an awesome job guys. Thanks for the tool that I will surely use to do my job more effectively.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Accenture Employee Uses Aidmatrix Virtual Aid Drive to Deliver Relief to Medellin, Columbia Flood Victims

Ana Herrera-Malone goes home to Colombia to help families in flood and mudslide aftermath

When Ana Herrera-Malone returned to her native Colombia in December and visited the villages near her hometown of Medellin, she saw firsthand the devastation caused by flooding and mudslides that had ravaged much of the area.

Ana came prepared to deliver as much assistance as she could from the donations she collected from her family, and friends, as well as her Accenture colleagues via Aidmatrix. She arrived in Medellin on December 15, and met up with her husband David a week later, traveling to the town of Bello where a mudslide had swept away from 50 homes and killed 88 people.

Accompanied by her sister who lives in Colombia, Ana delivered clothing, food and toys to residents in the area where the tragedy occurred. They met one woman who had lost three family members in the mudslide.

“It was amazing how much they appreciated not only the help but the fact that we came and spent time with them,” Ana says.

They found more families in need on the mountainside near Medellin, praying and singing with them and leaving groceries and presents to make their holiday season a little brighter.

“Although I was born in Medellin (now a resident of Dallas, Texas) and have seen a lot of poverty, this was a painful reminder of how people live in these poor neighborhoods, how little they have and how much we could do to help them,” says Ana, noting that Colombia experienced perhaps its worst-ever rainy season, causing destruction across the country.

Stitching a family business back together
Not far from Medellin, Ana learned of a husband and wife named Wilmer and Fabiola who had lost their home and all of the shoemaking equipment they used to run their modest business to the mudslide. Ana purchased them a sewing machine, leather, glue and the needed supplies to get their business re-started.

“Thinking about what Mother Theresa once said, ‘If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one,’ I decided to use the remaining funds to help Wilmer and Fabiola and try to make a significant impact on their lives,” Ana says. “We later learned that Fabiola has cancer and is undergoing treatment. She never mentioned it or complained. Her only concern was to find a way to feed her kids and get back on their feet.”

Ana collected about $2,000, and hopes to continue her fundraising and return to Colombia to help the people return to a life of normalcy.

List of items purchased
Groceries for 50 families
Clothes and toys for more than 20 families living in a shelter
Bought the sewing machine for the shoe-making couple
Leather, glue and materials for the shoe makers
Groceries and basic household items for the shoe makers

More information
Aidmatrix Medellin Disaster Relief

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Logistics Fire Brigade in Action: How the non-profit service provider, Aidmatrix, steers donations for Disaster Relief

Summary of article by Stefan Bottler
published in DVK (Deutsche VerkehrsZeitung) German Transportation/Logistics News, January 26, 2011.

Earthquakes, epidemics, floods, drought - almost every day there is a natural disaster somewhere in the world. Often they get extensive coverage in the media, but more often it is a silent battle. Aidmatrix understands the challenges in disaster and makes it their business to help get aid to the stricken area quickly and efficiently.

“Supply Chains have to reach every place on earth”, Shari Temple, Managing Director, Aidmatrix Europe told us, but who has ever heard of Tuvalu? The tiny country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean exports less than 20 million USD and doesn’t come up on the radar screen of even the world’s best-connected logistics corporations. That doesn’t matter to Aidmatrix. In November 2010, the non-profit helped organize the delivery of over 1.9 million USD in medicines and medical equipment to Tuvalu to help relief workers battle infections which afflict over 4,000 children in the country of just 12,000 inhabitants.

Under the motto: Right Aid, Right People Right Time™, Aidmatrix today supports over 40,000 humanitarian aid organizations in 70 countries. Governments and NATO/EADRCC cooperate with Aidmatrix as well and whether it be corporate donations or on-site measures, every year goods and services totaling over 1.5 billion USD flow through Aidmatrix supply chains.

Using proprietary software, Aidmatrix builds humanitarian supply-chains on the criteria of the SCOR (Supply-Chain Operations Reference) Model, and any and every registered aid organization can access this software.

When needed transportation and logistics capacities are plugged into the system, Aidmatrix can offer the right solution using about a dozen modules, including online-ordering, warehouse solutions and/ or fleet management. However, “before posting needs, users must identify exactly what it is they need, “ said Manfred Kohl, Consulting Director at Aidmatrix. “Our software supports the efficient matching of defined needs.”

Transportation is urgently needed. There is also a portal available for donors of transportation space. Specific products and services which are needed in disaster areas are listed on the Aidmatrix homepage. “We are always looking for capacity”, said Kohl. Logistics companies with domestic networks as well as corporations with international reach are most welcome. In December 2010, Aidmatrix supported relief efforts in Northern Albania where severe flooding damaged over 7,500 dwellings and cut off many villages from the outside world. Often these initiatives hardly register with the public.

With software solutions for donations management and volunteer management, Aidmatrix offers a full range of supply chain management solutions for humanitarian relief. The organization also provides on-site emergency aid, for example, in Haiti on the 12th of January. Because most of the logistics infrastructure there was destroyed, an Aidmatrix team built a provisional warehouse in Port-au-Prince.

The SCOR Model, which covers over 200 individual processes, does not capture these kinds of measures. Temple explains that, “supply chain concepts for commercial purposes cannot be carried over to the humanitarian sector without modifications”. Because products are not sold, but donated, the need for transparency is especially high. In addition, the supply chain has to handle unsolicited deliveries as well as direct deliveries to individuals.

In the near future The Supply Chain Council and Aidmatrix plan to work together to develop additional processes relevant to humanitarian relief delivery to enhance the existing SCOR Model, which charitable organizations could use for their own logistics purposes. One model for this is the British charity FareShare, which currently stores tons of foodstuffs which cannot be sold in 11 food depots throughout greater London.

English by Elena Mendoza, Aidmatrix, Munich