Friday, February 11, 2011

Food Banks Continue to Praise Feeding America's first Mobile Enabled Application, Built in Partnership with Aidmatrix

With today’s workforce, mobility and access is key to employee productivity and effectiveness. Feeding America partnered with Aidmatrix to create a mobile enabled version of their ChoiceSystem – an on-line closed bidding and auction system that allows over 800+ users to bid on loads of products. The joint team worked together to optimize the critical functionality for use on a smartphone. The members can view the loads available for bidding and see the results of the auction as to which bids they won or lost. Congratulations to Feeding America on this successful launch. Aidmatrix is honored to be able to partner with Feeding America on this innovative and socially impactful initiative.

• Peter Ricardo from Food Bank of Central New York, East Syracuse, NY
“I’m sure most food sourcers will tell you that much of our time is busied with being out in the service area, visiting donors, making calls, and looking for opportunities to connect food. To have the Choice System as handy as your phone will be a wonderful addition to the tool box that saves trips back to the office or searches for Wi-Fi hotspots. Thanks Aidmatrix.”

•Don Moore from The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri, Columbia, MO
As one of the testers of ChoiceMobile, I was excited we would be getting the mobile ap. I use Linux/Firefox on my computer at home so my only choice was to be at the office, have someone else bid for me, or skip bidding altogether. The very first day the mobile ap was available, I had to be away from the office for a project that lasted several hours longer than expected. I was able to bid from my MOTOROLA DROID. You did an awesome job guys. Thanks for the tool that I will surely use to do my job more effectively.

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