Monday, March 7, 2011

Aidmatrix at the Socialbar

What is socialbar? Socialbar is an initiative with currently 17 groups in Germany and groups in Austria and Switzerland. Socialbar focuses on the power of the internet to affect profound change in society.

"The Socialbar Munich is a meet-up for social change agents to give them a platform for personal interaction; to support and inspire them to act on their ambitions to make our society better for everyone, "says Andreas Kopp, organizer of the Munich socialbar, where Elena Mendoza, Aidmatrix's Marketing Director-Europe, introduced the Aidmatrix Foundation on March 3rd.

Social entrepreneurs and activists, corporate champions of sustainability, politicians, people of different ages, backgrounds, talents and perspectives come together at the Socialbar.

Elena Mendoza, Aidmatrix: “Socialbar Munich opened my eyes to grassroots social change in our own backyard. I met people who are veteran social activists and the next generation of change agents who are studying social innovation, as well as folks who have started their own nonprofit initiatives. People were passionate and dedicated to hands-on service. It was inspiring, motivating, and powerful.”

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