Monday, November 5, 2012

American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) Advisory #9 for Sandy

ALAN continues to work with our partners to respond to damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. Refer to ,  for up to date information on government and non-profit response.  


PLEASE DONATE RESPONSIBLY, AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME:  “...unloading and storing or disposing of unnecessary donations can take away from more important relief efforts. When trucks, planes or ships laden with donations arrive at a disaster site, responders face a difficult choice. Unloading and processing the cargo requires considerable human resources, yet if the cargo is not unloaded, it can block access for shipments that really are crucial...”,-11,3554559.story

ALAN is participating in Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), Emergency Management, and Business Emergency Operations Centers (BEOC) conference calls and validating all requests for support.  As of now we have the following open requests and are entertaining DONATED offers only at this time.  Please check the ALAN portal as needs are frequently added and removed.
  • Red Cross is seeking loans of the following for at least 3 weeks: 7  industrial lift trucks capable with a 3,000 lb or greater capacity; 6 non-powered pallet jacks; 16 propane heaters; 3 - 40-yard dumpsters
  • 400 Blankets and 100 cots requested by NYC VOAD
  • Cleaning supplies requested by NYC VOAD
  • Portable showers requested by NYC OEM
  • Rubber gloves all sizes; plastic bags all kinds (large garbage bags); Boxes of all sizes; bleach and other cleaning supplies requested by NYC VOAD
  • Pet supplies requested by  New York City Mayors Alliance for NYC Animals
  • Canned foods, shelf stable milk, and bottled water requested by the Food Bank of New York City
  • The American Red Cross reports that BLOOD DONATIONS are needed.
  • Personal Care items requested by Massachusetts
  • Food: Bulk quantities for the Mountaineer Foodbank in West Virginia. Because of the storm and increased demand on Food Banks and Pantries there is an even greater need for donations of food, in particularly frozen and refrigerated food.
  • There is an immediate need for items no longer available on the local commercial market: 1) Circuit breakers 2) Electrical panels 3) Hot water heaters 4) HVAC Systems requested by FEMA Private Sector Office
  • Portable Gasoline powered electric generators, "D" & "C" Cell Batteries, Flashlights, Battery Powered Lighting, Clean-up Kits, Industrial Brooms, Gloves, Masks, Contractor Bags to support businesses in Howard Beach, Broad Channel and the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens County requested by Queens Chamber of Commerce

To offer donations of any of these items log on to the ALAN portal.  Needs are still being identified, please check the portal frequently or request registration to receive notifications.

NOTE: Offers of support for items other than those listed may also be posted to the portal (preferred) or sent to for review and processing.  Offers should include product / service, quantity, location, and contact information.

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