Wednesday, October 31, 2012

World Cares Training and Mobilizing Volunteers to Meet Critical Needs

"You have to practice if you want to play on game day."  It's a common adage in sports - and when it comes to disaster relief.  The most effective contributors to response efforts usually are ones who have invested time and energy ahead of the disaster so they can be as effective as possible when it's time to take action.  Aidmatrix and some other organizations work to serve as a lever - enabling those who have so much to offer, but have not prepared, to get connected with the deeply experienced disaster relief workers and certified volunteers.  This 'whole community' approach to preparation, relief and recovery makes us more resilient in the face of disasters.

One of our partners in relief, World Cares Center, works constantly during peace time to build up qualified emergency volunteer resources and forge partnerships ahead of the disaster.  Their training and related programming has significantly contributed to the level of preparedness in the Greater New York City area in the face of Sandy. Once the storm was eminent, World Cares shifted gears and started recruiting and quickly equipping and training additional volunteers and mobilizing other resources, to help provide the large-scale response needed in the face of this historic disaster.

Keith Thode, Aidmatrix COO

Learn more about World Cares Center, and their important work in Greater New York and around the globe in this special Hurricane Sandy update by World Cares Founder and CEO, Lisa Orloff, produced specifically for the Aidmatrix community.

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