Monday, February 4, 2013

The Polio Eradication Program in India – India Unite to End Polio Now (IUEPN)

In a collaborative effort, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOHFW), World Health Organization (WHO), National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP), UNICEF, Rotary International, & the US Centers for Disease Control aggressively fight the virus. The programme, India Unite to End Polio Now (IUEPN), aims to immunize every child under age 5 through Oral Polio Vaccine.

IUEPN is an initiative implemented by Aidmatrix Foundation, India in partnership with UNICEF to leverage the Private Sector engagement in developmental initiatives beyond Corporate Social Responsibility in India. The campaign leverages communication activities for interrupting Polio virus transmission.

IN 2012, various IEC messaging campaigns were implemented across India with the help of over 24 private sector partners.

We would like to thank all the partners for helping reach two years without polio in India and the valuable partnership with UNICEF providing the support.

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