Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Launching Jobs-Training Programs in Slovakia, Expanding Hunger Relief in the UK, and Building Global Programs for Blood Banks to Help Meet Need in Time

This has been a whirlwind of a week, as most of our overseas trips end up being, as we make the most use possible of our travel dollars and time on the road.   After two stops and the overnight flight, I landed in London and immediately headed downtown where I met up with Aidmatrix’ Shari Temple.  While we have recently launched our blood work domestically, we are already working to support blood centers around the globe – this time by connecting them with needed equipment and supplies.  Shari and I had a meeting with the Global Blood fund to begin cementing our partnership.

After that was our annual Leadership meeting with FareShare – the national food bank network of the UK.  Rated the “UK’s best charity”, it’s an honor to see them growing in mission and in impact, and to play a role in supporting their efforts – their 21st Depot (warehouse) just went live on Aidmatrix’ SCM4Hurnger’s Online Warehouse Management system.  FareShare only had 8 Depots when we started our relationship and we are privileged to be part of their dramatic expansion over the years [ed: they now have 18 Depots].
Keith At ESET Software

That same evening, I headed back to Heathrow on my way to Slovakia to visit our team leading our Education initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe.  Our team is doing amazing things in Bratislava and the region thanks to committed on-the-ground partners Pontis Foundation – working on corporate development, and ApTech Europe, focused on our students and extending our Career Center efforts.  Accenture, AT&T and Microsoft continue to expand their commitment to the program.  We also held introductory meetings with additional companies, one of them being ESET, and international security software firm, founded and headquartered in Slovakia.  The program continues to receive overwhelming support from the corporate sector in Slovakia, and students are investing their time and their own limited financial resources because they believe this program will transform their lives.
Pavel Hrica from Pontis Foundation and Tomas Bozik from ApTech Europe
-Keith Thode, Aidmatrix COO

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