Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Corporate Disaster Resource Network - A Supply Chain Management Tool for Humanitarian Relief in India

Corporate Disaster Resource Network (CDRN) launched under the auspices of Corporate Task Force of National Disaster Management Authority, GOI (NDMA) in 2009, is a web based Humanitarian Relief management system that helps Relief agencies, Response agencies, Suppliers, Donors and Governments to access and feed in real time information on products and services required and offered for emergency humanitarian relief to provide "The Right Aid, To the Right People, At The Right Time". Since its inception till date, CDRN in support of the private sector companies, governments and relief agencies have responded to 12 disasters in India.

CDRN is excited to share with you that 24 leading corporations in India are engaged in the National Stakeholder Council (NSC) and committing to actions to address governance and key strategy planning areas with a ready to act mandate. This private sector leadership to support the mission of CDRN with augment emergency management & impactful disaster management through stakeholder engagement. We seek support of resources from partners to make CDRN a national & stakeholder driven emergency and disaster management system.

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