Tuesday, February 5, 2013

7000 people are provided daily, sustained feeding through the India FoodBanking Network

India FoodBanking Network and Aidmatrix Foundation are proud to announce the establishment of its first FoodBank in India with the creation of the Delhi FoodBank, operationalised and managed by the Aidmatrix Foundatoin, India  aims to provide sustained access to nutritional food to 2.5 lakh vulnerable populations through institutional feeding programs. Many private sector partners have come forward to support this Mission with significant leadership from DLF Foundation, Reliance Foundation, Cargill, MTS, to name a few. Delhi FoodBank is presently providing daily sustained feeding to 7000 people in Delhi NCR. To know more about how to get associated with Delhi FoodBank, please visit http://www.delhifoodbanking.org/

The impact of the program has already been felt with various reciepients of the Food programs that receive food saving over  USD 25,000 that would have been spent on procuring food.  The vision of the FoodBanking projects in India to be Integrated Development Programs is coming true with the saved monies from the organisations being invested by them in Health, Education, Livelhoods and other programs that are most needed.

This project promises to deliver food with increased efficiency, effectiveness, scope and scale of service. More children and women will be fed incurring fewer costs than is the case today. Significantly, funds currently consumed by the need to purchase food will be freed to extend and scale services which are the core function of feeding programmes.

The first Food Drive Challenge of India was conducted with over 22 corporations coming forward and running food drives. 

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