Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The State of Colorado Posts Needed Items for Wildfire Relief

Relief agencies are hard at work providing aid to the victims of the Colorado Wildfires, but they can still use your help. For information on how to donate to the relief efforts, please visit Financial donations are the preferred method, because it allows disaster agencies to purchase exactly what is needed.

The relief community in the State of Colorado is also posting needs online for those donors who wish to make material donations. Posting needs is a way for the relief community to easily communicate what is needed most. The needs listed on are being shared through a new tool by Aidmatrix called the SCM4Giving™ NeedsFeed. This feature enables our partners to embed a list of needs into other websites, including the ability to donate through / from their sites to the needs.

There are currently a number of needs posted by the relief community that are in high demand by the relief agencies, including storage space, laundry & cleaning supplies, personal care products and prepackaged meals. For a full list of Needs, click here.

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