Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Aidmatrix Newsletter: Microsoft Partnership Provides Local Impact Map Technology, UPS Foundation Grant to Aidmatrix

Combining Efforts with Microsoft to Highlight Relief Needs During Disaster 
Aidmatrix Foundation recently announced that it is partnering with the Microsoft Disaster Response team to launch a new online program to highlight the latest information and needs of relief organizations during times of disaster called "Notes from the Ground." The program will focus on collecting and sharing the latest information, stories, video, and images from relief organizations on the ground and on publishing an inventory of items and resources that are needed by the relief community in real-time. The program, which has been created using Microsoft's Disaster Response Incident Portal and the Local Impact Map, is built on Microsoft Windows Azure and Aidmatrix' SCM4Giving™ platform.  The "Notes from the Ground" program will be activated during major disasters.  

New Microsoft Partnership Provides Local Impact Map Technology
Aidmatrix Uses Microsoft's New Local Impact Map Technology to Highlight Impactful Stories of our Humanitarian Relief Aidmatrix LIM ScreenshotPartners
Powered by Windows Azure and Bing Maps, Aidmatrix can now create our own customized maps to showcase our work and the  work of our humanitarian relief partners in communities around the globe, incorporating text, pictures and videos. The map also includes a host of social media capabilities so stories can be easily shared and promoted. If any of our partners would like us to share their stories via our Local Impact Map, please contact us at  

Aidmatrix Foundation Receives $350,000 Grant from
The UPS Foundation
Aidmatrix recently announced that it received a $350,000 grant from The UPS Foundation, the charitable arm of UPS (NYSE:UPS). The grant will be used to expand the International Transportation Program, which UPS helped found, as well as for the continuation and expansion of the SCM4Good™ technology platform. "The UPS Foundation is proud to support Aidmatrix Network as this nonprofit organization provides technology solutions that connect donors to the specific needs of relief agencies responding to disasters," said Eduardo Martinez, president of The UPS Foundation. "Beyond funding, UPS is also committed to contributing its experience, expertise and resources to civil society, public and private organizations which are engaged in promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of the humanitarian relief sector worldwide." 
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