Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aidmatrix Visits our AgencyExpress Partner at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains -
and The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Tulsa, feeds 24 counties

Charlotte Medley, AgencyExpress Program Specialist, July 12, 2012

A visit to Tulsa provided a warm greeting from the Operations team of John McCarthy, Director of Facilities, Joanne Burdick, Agency Relations and other staff at The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, where Aidmatrix' AgencyExpress has been live for approximately four years. AgencyExpress is a web-based application specifically customized to work with your Feeding-America-supported warehouse system.

I enjoy food bank visits because I have an opportunity to meet those working in the middle of the supply-chain to provide much needed food to their region. Without these passionate, dedicated people, the hunger crisis would be much greater in Oklahoma, with many more Oklahomans at risk. I also get to hear about the challenges they face, and work with them to provide suggestions and solutions. Our team at Aidmatrix strives to understand the food bank community's needs and provide technology solutions assisting the delivery of hunger relief throughout the US.
The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma distributes product to 450 Partner Programs covering 24 counties in Eastern Oklahoma. Fiscal year 2011 reporting indicated that 16.9 million pounds of food was distributed to partner agencies feeding 60,000 people each week, which is the equivalent of 865,000 meals per month.

John McCarthy has been with the Food Bank since 1981 and proudly walked me through the Donald W. Reynolds Distribution Center which opened in June, 2006. In addition to the team at the Food Bank, they support an active volunteer program throughout the work week and on Saturdays.

During my visit, John, Joanne and the team were quick to echo their appreciation for AgencyExpress and stated that virtually all of their agencies are "online shoppers".

A ‘sweeping’ thanks to the team at Eastern Oklahoma.

For more information about AgencyExpress, Feeding America's online shopping solution, please contact Charlotte Medley at

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