Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Disaster Relief: Aidmatrix’ NDMN Comes to Aid in Boulder Flooding

Our U.S. Disaster Relief program was activated again this September in response to the Boulder, Colorado, Flooding.  Thanks to our partners in Colorado for providing this account of their engagement:

“The National Donations Management Network has been an invaluable tool for our emergency response and recovery efforts in Colorado.  Over the past several years, Colorado has experienced multiple major disasters, and we have activated the NDMN tool each time. The NDMN tool has assisted us in directing material items where they are needed, so that those who have suffered losses here can recover that much faster.

The team at Aidmatrix Foundation has been outstanding in their support to us here in Colorado. During disasters, when we need them, they are there for us.  Also, during non-disaster times, they are available to assist us in our planning efforts to ensure we can effectively integrate the NDMN tool into our concept of operations.  Aidmatrix Foundation is a great partner to Colorado.”

-Jen Poitras, Volunteer and Donations Coordinator for the State of Colorado

Learn more about how you can help the long-term recovery efforts in Colorado at

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