Monday, April 29, 2013

Collaborating with our Pet Partners

In March Aidmatrix hosted a meeting attended by Jody Jones, Division Manager - Dallas Animal Services & Adoption Center; Chris Watts, President of Dallas Companion Animal Project; Rita Hensley - grant coordinator for the City of Dallas Animal Services, Rebecca Poling – treasurer/DCAP; and Aidmatrix Programs staff. 

The purpose of the meeting was to map out the action items/deliverables for the Animal Welfare Pet Program grant awarded by The Meadows Foundation to The Aidmatrix Foundation to launch a new animal welfare program in North Texas providing a mix of proven technology solutions and consulting services in order to build capacity in pet shelters including foster and rescue organizations in the State of Texas.

“Dallas Animal Services is looking forward to working with Aidmatrix and Meadows Foundations to increase visibility and accelerate the process of reuniting owners with their pets,” said Dallas Animal Services Manager Jody Jones. “This partnership will help to ensure that the public has the most effective steps readily available to help find their pets” using social media and supply chain management tools.

Aidmatrix is excited to welcome Rebecca Poling as the Animal Welfare Program Manager to the Aidmatrix Team.

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