Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BCTA Endorses Trucks For Change Network to Support Charity Work in British Columbia

Our partner, the Trucks for Change Network, recently made a major announcement about "joining forces" with the British Columbia Trucking Association (BCTA).

BCTA Endorses Trucks For Change Network to Support Charity Work in BC

BCTA is joining forces with the Trucks For Change Network to facilitate matching the transportation needs of selected charities with available capacity on member companies’ trucks.

The Trucks For Change Network (TFCN), founded in Ontario two years ago by former Ryder Canada executive Pete Dalmazzi, is a national non-profit association of member trucking and logistics companies who want to support their communities with in-kind services where it’s possible and cost-effective to do so. TFCN, whose motto is “Filling Trucks, Fulfilling Needs,” provides a unique online charity load-posting tool which allows member carriers to find charity requests they can support, and to respond with offers of reduced-rate or donated service.

“BCTA is proud to endorse the efforts of the Trucks For Change Network to engage the industry in supporting charities in their communities and across the country,” said Louise Yako, BCTA President & CEO. “TFCN’s goals are consistent with BCTA’s goals of promoting an environmentally and socially responsible commercial road transportation industry in BC.”

TFCN already has several member carriers based in or with terminals in BC, and assists national charities with affiliate organizations in BC, including Food Banks Canada and Habitat For Humanity Canada. TFCN would like to grow its membership in BC to be able to support more BC-based charities. Membership in TFCN is strictly voluntary.

“We know many BCTA members already actively support charities, but we can make the whole process more efficient by finding the right carrier with the right equipment in the right place to help,” said TFCN President Pete Dalmazzi. “Finding affordable transportation often makes the difference between a charity accepting donated goods or having them end up in landfill sites, so there’s an environmental benefit as well. We’re thrilled to have BCTA’s endorsement, and we look forward to helping their members make a difference in their communities.”

Carriers or charities wanting to learn more about TFCN are invited to visit www.trucksforchange.org or contact Pete Dalmazzi directly at pete@trucksforchange.org or 905-844-8658.

Read the official announcement from BCTA

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