Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dynamic Custom Validation in ASP.NET - Sounds Technical, but the Results are Practical

We are so fortunate to work with some of the most passionate and talented technologists in the world.  While we benefit tremendously from technology and Supply Chain thought leaders at Accenture, Microsoft, UPS and others, today I’d like to brag on one of our staff.

Sangeetha Srinivasan recently had an article posted on – a leading edge Microsoft Technology forum.  The topic is regarding an innovation she developed in the field of “Dynamic Custom Validation”.  While you can read more from the technology perspective at the link to Microsoft’s site below, from a human standpoint I wanted to share what this means.

In the Aidmatrix community, we tackle some of the toughest humanitarian aid challenges.  We bring highly sophisticated technologies to those who serve people in need.  These technologies are complex, but we and our community of partners become more expert every day on how to make these systems useful to the daily front line user who may not have much computer or business experience at all.

Sangeetha’s work with Dynamic Custom Validation helps our software capture the complicated data that is required, but only requires the front line users to see and work with the exact information needed.  This reduces complexity without reducing the power of the solutions.  It is innovations like this that enable a former custodian in Sri Lanka, whose first exposure to a computer was only a few months before, to leverage powerful supply chain solutions in a manner similar to a professionally trained logistician who has benefited from a top university education and years of computer experience.  It also allows both of these types of users to connect in a “supply chain of giving” to serve more effectively those in need.

- Keith Thode, Chief Operating Officer

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