Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Aidmatrix President & CEO Scott McCallum Featured in D Magazine "Meet the CEO"

Story by Clair St. Amant for D Magazine
Pick up a copy of the October 2011 issue to read the full article

Meet The CEO: Scott McCallum

When Scott McCallum, former Governor of Wisconsin, told me his management style was perfection, I'll admit I doubted him. But from the second our interview began precisely at the appointed hour, McCallum proved that striving for perfection is a worth and attainable goal. For him, at least. As the President and CEO of Irving-based Aidmatrix, the leading global technology nonprofit, McCallum conducts business on six continents, reaching 65 million people and handling $1.5 billion worth of products annually. And he does it all with just 50 employees. "We're very efficient," McCallum says. With 96 percent of company funds going towards programming, that's an understatement. "If your heart is in the right place," he says, "the other things will follow." From cataloging warehouses in India to tracking food donations from the United States to developing countries, Aidmatrix is upgrading the world of humanitarian relief.

[The following are select parts of the interview. Read the unabridged interview by picking up a copy of D Magazine Ocotober 2011]

Title: President and CEO

Best part of your job: Our mission is immensely satisfying. To have the opportunity to help so many people on a large scale is really amazing.

Life in the office: Everybody is so driven. It's a team atmosphere with everyone willing to help each other but still understanding we have a job to be done.

Management Style: It's very easy to understand me. All I expect is perfection. I definitely run the office like I did my kids' basketball teams. I had a 97-5 overall coaching record with my sons, but some of those best learning experiences were the losses. Basketball is a game of mistakes, just like life. At Aidmatrix, there have been occasions when we celebrated mistakes because we'd learned from them. I don't want us to be so risk-adverse that we're afraid to make mistakes.

Strengths: Surrounding myself with good people. I'm also a very hard worker

Something people don't know about you: I get up at 4 a.m. and go to the gym every day.

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