Monday, November 7, 2011

2012 DFW Digital Ball Founders' Dinner - A Success!

A tremendous amount of excitement was generated in DFW at Aidmatrix’ Digital Ball Founders’ Dinner at Las Colinas Country Club on Thursday, October 20, 2011. The event was the introduction of the Digital Ball to Texas and some of DFW's most elite technology innovators and thought leaders gathered to lay the groundwork for the 2012 Inaugural DFW Digital Ball. Key corporate sponsors were recognized at the event including Derse, supporting at the $10,000 level, as well as Michael McGrath, Mary Elizabeth McNeely of McNeely Technology Solutions and Sam and Judy Smart, who also were high dollar supporters.

Founding Members will be engaging with Aidmatrix as well as with technology and other corporate leaders to launch the DFW Digital Ball in 2012, an event modeled after the successful events that have been in place in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC for many years.

DFW Digital Ball Founding Members enjoyed a networking cocktail hour followed by an elegant dinner and program which included:
-  Welcome and Aidmatrix Overview by Aidmatrix President and CEO, Gov. Scott McCallum
-  Digital Ball Overview by Aidmatrix COO Keith Thode
-  Information about the Digital Ball Technology Innovation Award by Aidmatrix VP of Programs Melis Jones
-  Sponsor’s View of Digital Ball by long-standing Atlanta and Charlotte premier sponsor Accenture, given by Accenture Managing Director David Rich
-  Engaged Partner View of Digital Ball by long-standing Atlanta and Charlotte sponsor, partner and liaison Pyramid Consulting, given by Pyramid’s Director of Strategic Accounts Mark Farbman
-  Closing Remarks, including some motivational sentiments about Aidmatrix and potential Digital Ball impact for the Texas nonprofit community by Michael McGrath, Executive Chairman of the Thomas Group and Aidmatrix Chairman of the Board

Aidmatrix is proud to introduce our Digital Ball Founding Members:
Keith Arnett, Director of Sales, ii2P
Noel Barnard, President & Founder, CxO Connections
Patrick Brandt, Chairman & CEO, Telligent
Frank D. Brienzi, Senior VP and General Manager, Oracle
Jeff Butcher, Sr. Account Executive, ClearPointe Technology, Inc.
Dr. Clarke Caywood, Professor of the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University
Bryan Chan, President & Founder, SupraNet Communications, Inc.
Thad Chapman, Founder, Artis Consulting, Founder
Sarinder Chhabra, President & CEO, Claims-X-Change &  MediVeda Solutions, Inc.
Kory Kellogg, Director of Sales, Statera
George Ellis, Friend of Aidmatrix
Mark Farbman, Director of Strategic Accounts, Pyramid Consulting, Inc.
Wendy Gibson, CMO, Telligent
William Haney, CEO, Derse Exhibits
Tricia Holderman, President & CEO, Elite Facility Systems
Trent Humphries, President, Strategic Introductions
International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners
Andrew Jackson, President & Co-Founder, Bravo Tech
James Maynard, Account Group Executive, Mid Americas, Avanade
Sean McCaffrey, Aquifer Group, LLC
Governor Scott McCallum, President & CEO, Aidmatrix
Matthew McGaughey, Chief Technology Officer, Stream Energy
Michael McGrath, Executive Chairman of the Board, Thomas Group
Mary Elizabeth McNeely, President, McNeely Technology Solutions, Inc.
Charlotte Medley, Program Manager, Aidmatrix
Gwen Moore, Founder, The PLAN Fund
Neil Nobie , Chief Operating Officer, KEDARit
Dr. Ramesh Raghunathan , Sr. VP of Business Development, Claims-X-Change &  MediVeda Solutions, Inc. 
David Rich, Managing Director, Accenture Analytics of Accenture North America
Josh Ridker, Vice President Knowledge Leadership, Thomas Group
Michael Rochelle, Business Development Executive, Avanade
Carla Rolinc, Vice President of IT, Safety-Kleen, Inc.
Dr. Shiva Shenoy , CTO, Claims-X-Change ; CTO, MediVedia Solutions, Inc.
Larry Shosid, Partner, Bell Nunnally & Martin LLP
Samuel B. Smart, III, Accenture, ret.
Barb Stinnett, Founder & CEO, Timmaron Group
Keith & Amanda Thode, Aidmatrix
Terry S. Thomas, VP/GM Dollar and Convenience Gas Channels, PepsiCo
Time Warner Cable Business Class
Tish Whitcraft, Chief Customer Officer,
Carlos White, General Counsel, SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. 
Charles Williams, CEO, KEDARit

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