Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurricane Irene Update: Week in Review

Aidmatrix helped with portal operations for Connecticut this week on the National Donations Management Network(R) powered by Aidmatrix. New York is opening up a multi-agency warehouse. We are continuing monitoring in New Jersey on their NDMN portal, and it’s too early to tell with Vermont. There are many survivors that will need help before winter sets in.

Indeed if we look at North Dakota, they are still trying to get 1,700 homes buttoned up from the Minot floods of a month or so ago. Survivors still have unmet needs long after the cameras go home -- to view the ongoing recovery needs for North Dakota you can visit their NDMN portal at or more specifically at

The subject of KATIA is the next named Hurricane of the season. Hopefully, it will stay out in the Atlantic. However, a few of the models have it tracking similar to Irene. The question in these models is when and to what compass heading the storms turn northward. It’s a strong storm which is forecasted to be a Cat 2 this coming weekend. Aidmatrix and our partners stand ready to respond. As always, donors can visit to help in the affected States.

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