Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Catholic Relief Services Hosts CARE & Aidmatrix in Kenya for SCM4Good User Testing

CRS hosted the SCM4Good User Testing at their offices in Nairobi, Kenya, the week of January 10, 2014. The user testing included teams from CRS, CARE and Aidmatrix. The teams reviewed new functionality on the Distribution module. Together, they worked to further refine workflows that were common between their organizations so that Aidmatrix could incorporate those into the product. Much collaboration and discovery was accomplished by working side-by-side in these testing teams. Thank you to CRS’ Nicole Balliette for her leadership in organizing and hosting the event and to all the participants who worked to better define the standards for international supply chains and the relief community.

SCM4Good is used by leading organizations in 50+ locations in 18 countries supporting the delivery of over $50 million in humanitarian aid. SCM4Good innovations are additionally funded by grants from the CISCO Foundation and the UPS Foundation, helping make it the leading system of its kind in supporting humanitarian relief.

To learn more about SCM4Good for tracking your global commodities & supplies, your fleet and assets, or your planning, procurement & distribution, contact us today.

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