Friday, August 23, 2013

Cisco Funds Key Enhancements on the SCM4Good Roadmap in 2013

The rapid pace of evolution already established for Aidmatrix’ humanitarian logistics platform, SCM4Good, received a welcome boost recently from Cisco Systems®. 

This modular, web-based  supply chain management system began with a focus on  warehouse management, has developed,  in the course of the last three years, has grown to a suite of supply chain management modules.  The development efforts have been collaborative, working the interagency design with  our International NGO partners.  

The full breadth of functionality encompassed by the unique field of humanitarian logistics is extensive and complex, and our work with key actors in the sector over the years has provided us with an accumulated wealth of ideas, enhancements, and features that continue to feed into our roadmap. 

Cisco® has been a valued partner of Aidmatrix for several years and our latest collaboration comes in the form of a grant that will help us take an additional step forward on that road:

  • Usability enhancements that will make SCM4Good easier to navigate, learn, and use – to help make aid workers even more productive
  • Enhancements to our Distribution functionality extending our “last-mile” supply chain functionality to beneficiary level
  • The integration of mobile technologies to provide new ways for the farthest reaches of humanitarian work to interact with the system
Aidmatrix set up a collaborative design portal specifically to encourage wide participation from the humanitarian sector in these exciting new developments. These enhancements are only part of the work underway for the development of SCM4Good this year. 

If your organization might be interested in feeding into the SCM4Good roadmap, please do drop us a line!

Meanwhile, the funding limitations inherent to the humanitarian sector make such contributions invaluable. We thank and applaud Cisco, and all of our key industry sponsors, who continue to help us advance toward our vision: a new level of sophistication for humanitarian relief chain and logistics management tools. 


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