Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorado Wildfires: Using Technology to Help Manage Donations

The State of Colorado Office of Emergency Management is working across the State to battle the wide-spreading wildfires. They are also using the National Donations Management Network to coordinate donations of goods and services.

They have set up as a website to outline all the ways you can help. If you wish to view what the relief organizations are listing as "needed items" you can visit the website and click on the link for “Material Donations.” The links will identify the requesting relief organization and put you directly in contact with them to make a matching donation.

The Colorado “needed items” page includes requests for items such as:
- chainsaws
- tool trailers
- cleaning supplies
- camping gear (tents, sleeping bags)
- personal hygiene products
- and much more.

Visit for details on how to help.

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