Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aidmatrix Deploys Microsoft's Windows Azure Platform (Phase 2)

Aidmatrix recently deployed our second production solution on Microsoft’s Window’s Azure Platform. This application is a Program Metrics and Evaluation solution used by one of our partners to track their clients and the humanitarian services these clientS receive at approximately 1,000 locations across the U.S. This application was an existing .Net 2.0 application running SQL 2005 which we ported to .Net 3.5, Azure SQL and Azure Compute. We migrated this application to confirm that the migration effort was straightforward and would take less than the person-hours needed to buy, build and implement a set of redundant web and SQL servers. The results of this effort confirmed that we will realize cost savings when porting applications to Azure as well as for new applications. The one major lesson learned from this effort is that there is an opportunity to develop a framework to simplify system monitoring, resource monitoring, data back and backup monitoring. We are working on this next and expect that once this is done - the monitoring and backup setup and operational costs will be lower than our in-house costs today. Congrats to the Aidmatrix team and thanks to all the Microsoft folks who volunteered their expertise to help us make this happen.

Michael Ross
Vice President - Delivery

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