Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Note From Harold Salomon, Executive Director, AHAMES


Thank you so much for taking care of our registration on {the Aidmatrix Network}. I was in Haiti last week and came back over the weekend to gather more resources that are needed for our next trip to Haiti on February 16. The devastation is so much that we are seeing only a fraction of it on TV. I have seen first hand many more residential area(s) that collapsed entirely and {are} yet {to be} seen on TV.

Our medical center in Port Au Prince was spared except for few damages to some poles that are being replaced, and reinforced. Some of our resources were donated to the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in dire need of wound related product (Gauze, tapes, bandages, gloves, antiseptics etc) and we need to replace them.

Please find in the attached some pictures, not seen on TV, of what I have seen on the ground in Haiti.

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