Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aidmatrix Haiti Update

The Aidmatrix team is now in route back from Port-Au-Prince today after another trip to work on setting up relief warehouses with the active NGOs who will continue the work once the cameras crews have left. For our CFO Keith Thode this was his second trip to Haiti in the past two weeks, and our VP of Delivery Michael Ross accompanied him on this most recent trip. Lots of progress is being made to make sure operations continue for the many months to come.

However, it still leaves us feeling that there is still so much to do to keep the flow of necessary supplies coming in to help. Our Dallas team keeps on working through the weekend as they have for the past month as we get Skype updates – the most reliable communication right now from Haiti -- from Keith and Michael on the ground. Their early morning flight from Port-Au-Prince started as they sat side by side with the dedicated relief workers and reporters who know the work is not yet done. Three more flights today before they’ll be home and reassessing the next steps and trips to come.

The one-month anniversary of the Haitian earthquake now officially behind us – but that’s not where the story ends. The long-term recovery efforts are underway.

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