Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spring 2014 Release: Performance Improvements, Asset Management & Distribution New Versions

Aidmatrix Spring 2014 Release Provides Performance Improvement by Moving Platforms to the Microsoft Azure™ Cloud and Delivers New Versions of SCM4Good's Asset Management and Distribution Modules

The Aidmatrix Foundation Inc. today announced its Spring 2014 release of its supply chain software platforms for humanitarian relief. This latest release is currently in production and delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to partnering nonprofits, corporations and government agencies. The entire SCM4Good™ platform and SCM4Hunger™'s Warehouse Management module were upgraded to the Microsoft Azure™ Cloud providing important gains in performance, reliability and redundancy. Other major additions include new versions for SCM4Good™ including Asset Management and Distribution Management. Several of the current modules received key enhancements including: Warehouse Management, Procurement, Fleet Management, and Digital Hub, while platform-level feature such as Offline Mode and Reporting saw significant investment. SCM4Giving™ Needs Management module and NeedsFeed™ both received major upgrades to the user interfaces and further integration into social media sharing. For a full list of enhancements, download the release highlights at

Moving to the Microsoft Azure™ Cloud - The entire SCM4Good platform and the SCM4Hunger Warehouse Management module moved to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This provides important gains in performance, reliability, and redundancy. In particular, Microsoft's Content Delivery Network, with nodes in more than 16 countries worldwide, closes the distance for many of our developing country users in terms of Internet geography, and has given noticeable response-time improvements. Nathan Au, Project Manager for FareShare Brighton and Hove noted: "We use Aidmatrix' SCM4Hunger to help receive, warehouse and dispatch food to our hunger agencies every day. We know we run high transaction volumes, especially during peak times each week. When Aidmatrix moved to the Microsoft Azure Cloud it was like night and day for us. We saw dramatic performance improvement in response times on average of 4x faster, in some situations it went as high as 10x. It's amazing what a difference running the same application on the Azure Cloud can make. Now we can focus that much more time on getting food to those who are hungry."  

SCM4Good: Asset Management - Puts your global asset registry online. From head office down to the most remote location, all your assets can be tracked and updated, creating a detailed asset database that can be viewed from anywhere. As an integrated component of SCM4Good, the Asset Management module can be used in conjunction with the Procurement and Warehouse Management modules to capture assets flowing through your supply chain, and also with the Fleet Management module to avoid duplication. The Asset Management module incorporates workflows for the reception, tagging, issue, transfer, depreciation and disposal of assets, as well as a full history for each asset.

SCM4Good: Distribution Module - Extends SCM4Good to a true end-to-end SCM system, providing full support for the last-mile of your supply chain between the warehouse and beneficiary. Distribution events enable warehouse inventory to be selected for distribution to target beneficiary demographics, using prescribed ration sizes. Actual distributed quantities and adjustments can be recorded as the distribution unfolds, attaching supporting documents. Existing beneficiary registration systems and data can be accessed by integration through our Digital Hub module.

Funding for enhancements to the Aidmatrix platforms are made possible by grants from UPS, Microsoft, CISCO and others. Additional support is provided by our partners.

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