Monday, June 10, 2013

Aidmatrix Introduces WebTechs Now!™

Aidmatrix Introduces WebTechs Now!™

Get immediate help for your urgent web needs.  
Webtechs Now!™ is an on-demand website support service. If you have an issue with your website application and you do not have a webmaster on staff, or you do not have time to wait for it to get on their queue, then contact our WebTechs Now! team today using the form below.

You provide a quick description of the problem. We assess the situation and quickly provide a quote to fix the problem and a completion date. We strive to complete urgent technical or content issues within 24-48 hours.

Use Webtechs NowTM when:
  • your internal web team or outside web consultants are not available to quickly address an urgent issue
  • you maintain your own website, but need extra help with a complex technical problem
  • you needed to get the technical issue fixed 'yesterday' and your business is being adversely impacted

Examples of Webtech NowTM support offerings:
  • Ecommerce platform problems (product listings, checkout process, payment gateway, etc.)
  • Web application malfunctions
  • Website hacked or other online security breaches
  • Urgent content changes or additions
  • Technical fixes to existing applications or websites

How Webtechs NowTM works:
  1. Email,  or fill out an online form, and tell us about your urgent technical issue.
  2. We will provide a summary of what we will do for you, what it will cost and a completion date.
  3. If you wish to proceed, we ask for a payment to get started, as well as access your website or application. Once we have received both of these, we will get started immediately.
  4. We strive to complete all Webtechs NowTM projects within 24-48 hours of receiving access and payment. For more complex technical issues, the turnaround time may be longer, but our Webtechs NowTM team will be dedicated to your project until it is completed. We will keep you updated, so you always know the status and work will always be completed by the quoted completion date .
  5. At the conclusion of the project, we will provide you with a summary of what work was done as well as any other information you may need about the issue's resolution.

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