Friday, September 14, 2012

TechSoup Global released their Global Cloud Survey Results

Our partners at TechSoup Global released their TechSoup Global Cloud Survey results today. I think it is fair to say this is the most comprehensive survey ever conducted of cloud computing’s use by the social sector.

Key findings include:
  • 90% of respondents worldwide are using cloud computing
  • 60% say lack of knowledge is the greatest barrier to adoption
  • 79% say the greatest advantage of adoption is easier software/hardware administration
  • 47% say cost-related changes and ease of setup would be the greatest motivators for moving their IT to the cloud
  • 53% report plans to move a "significant portion" of their IT to the cloud within three years
Reading further into the report, it is evident that much of the sector leverages cloud computing in ways they don’t even realize.  Clearly, leveraging these common solutions and platforms bring significant advantage to our world.  The nonprofit sector in many ways should be at the forefront of adopting cloud services.   We lack many (but not all) of the barriers created by legislation, competition, and security that most private sector and many government sector entities find as constraints.

Aidmatrix has been a leader in cloud computing since before the term was coined.   We are ‘the cloud’ to over 40,000 agencies around the globe who access our solutions via the web to connect to the people, relief supplies and funding they need to positively impact their communities.   We’re grateful to work in partnership with groups like TechSoup and benefit from their ground-breaking research.

You can download the full report at:

-Keith Thode, Aidmatrix Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer

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