Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CARE USA Visits Aidmatrix Headquarters, Success with Advanced Reporting Achieved

A team from CARE USA spent a week in the Aidmatrix office in Dallas, working with our team to enhance the SCM4Good™ system in use in Haiti. Recovery efforts in Haiti are ongoing from the earthquake in 2010. Aidmatrix traveled to Haiti during the initial recovery phase directly following the earthquake, and we continue to aid CARE in the secondary recovery phase. There are still hundreds of thousands of Haitians that remain homeless two and a half years after the earthquake occurred. Learn more about CARE’s work in Haiti here.

One of the main goals set out on the onset of CARE’s visit to Dallas was to enhance and instruct CARE on the Advanced Reporting capabilities of the SCM4Good system. “CARE is the first NGO to leverage the Advanced Reporting capability in SCM4Good to build Advanced Reports themselves. They were built in Visual Studio and then delivered to Aidmatrix to deploy them into SCM4Good,” stated Michael Ross, Global CIO and VP of Delivery for Aidmatrix.

“We just completed our first report specifically for Haiti! This is something that we have learned to do here and will be able to do moving forward.  This allows us to better “self-serve” and we will be able to meet the specific needs of our country offices now on a deeper level.  Aidmatrix has been a true partner as they have really “let us in their house” and been amazing hosts and teachers,” commented Tracy Allardice, Commodity Tracking System Senior Project Lead for CARE USA.