Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas Finds Hunger Success With Agency Express 3

Our main interest in getting Agency Express was to give agencies access to real-time inventory availability, and increase our pick/fill rate for better customer service. Prior to Agency Express, our shopping list was updated twice a day so our agencies frequently experienced ordering product that was no longer available.

During our pilot of Agency Express, several benefits were realized for both our Agency Partners and for Three Square. Our agencies are able to access their invoices online, eliminating their waiting time for Agency Relations staff to process it. Agencies are able to see the weight of their orders, and fees associated with their orders as they are adding to their cart, which is very helpful in planning ahead with logistics and budget. Previously, Three Square staff would have to call an agency if their fax was illegible or their requested appointment time was unavailable. Our agencies are enjoying the advantage of locking in their appointment time and knowing that all items on their order will be fulfilled as requested. Three Square staff is able to save time that was dedicated to entering orders, rescheduling appointments and correcting incomplete orders by phone, and reprinting invoices. An unplanned benefit of saving paper from faxes to reprinted invoices, has also eased Three Square’s paper usage helping both the budget and the environment.

Prior to Agency Express, each order was received by fax, e-mail, phone, or filled out in person and entered by Three Square staff in the order in which it was received. With Agency Express, our Agency Partners go online to view available product and add items needed. They then checkout and schedule an available appointment time convenient for them. The orders are monitored by Three Square staff, which is available by phone to answer agency questions.

-Shannon Lamaster, Three Square Food Bank

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