Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcoming Home the Troops at DFW Airport

One of the benefits or working in a smaller, family-style work environment like Aidmatrix is that we get to take group field trips. Our most recent of these trips was one of the more satisfying and fulfilling that I have had the opportunity to attend.

A small group of us, including our accountant / veteran John Gould, took a trip to DFW Airport to welcome home an Army flight back from Afghanistan. Office Manager Charlotte Medley had heard from friends and family about this incredible experience, and she wanted to share the experience with her Aidmatrix family.

When we arrived, the terminal was filled mostly with children, many of whom were on a field trip with their summer camp. The rest of the people were family and friends of the soon-to-be-arriving soldiers, other passengers arriving at DFW that waited around to greet the troops, and people like us, there to show their support.

With our American flags, American flag balloons and our handmade (by our great interns) signs, we stood behind the ropes and waiting for the troops to arrive. The troops arrived to cheers and applause, stopping to shake the hands of the older veterans at the front, then high-fiving all the kids as they exited the airport terminal into the arms of their family.

It was a great experience, one that I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.

-Graham Caywood, Program Specialist

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