Monday, September 27, 2010

Aidmatrix Participates in Exercise 24

Friday, I participated in Exercise 24. Exercise 24 is an international collaborative multidisciplinary exploration of communication, logistics coordination, and response to a seismic event that generates an off shore oil spill, displaced communities requiring shelter, and damage to critical infrastructure inland. The event has significant involvement from the military, with additional participation from the private sector, emergency management, nonprofit and academic organizations. University of California San Diego provided the facilities and other event logistics support.

Over a few days, Exercise24 tested and explored solutions to emergency response, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief challenges associated a major earthquake within the San Andreas Fault System. I was able to assess leading edge and experimental technologies. From the nonprofit sector, provided much of the infrastructure, while had some of the most compelling chat and SMS capabilities. At the appropriate times, Aidmatrix leveraged Social Media tools to simulate communications around an activation of different components of The Aidmatrix Network.

The images below are not real. They were part of Exercise 24.

Keith Thode
Chief Operating Officer

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  1. it was actually san diego state university that ran the op...