Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aidmatrix Disaster / Office Continuity Plan Readiness Test

Today, Aidmatrix ran a test of our Disaster Continuity Readiness Plan. We created this plan to make sure that our office and employees could still function with the same efficiency if a disaster or epidemic forced us to close our U.S. Headquarters physical plant. We have our plan documented and accessible to all employees, but we wanted to be sure that everyone would know how to act and what roles they were supposed to play in case of a disaster. Lastly, we wanted to assess our plan for improvement based on the results and observations from the drill.

Program Manager Kory Schulze and I were the liaisons for today’s disaster scenario, initially contacting the entire office with a conference call dial-in and an online live meeting to ensure that every Aidmatrix employee was safe and stable. Everyone was able to reach Kory is some manner to inform her of their safety and the safety of their families, and how they can best be reached. Everyone was also supposed to make sure they had access to the contact information of their key vendors and partners from outside of the office.

Thanks to our high level of preparedness, I believe that our office was able to seamlessly execute our continuity plan with no warning, just as if a disaster were to strike. This is something that I believe that all businesses, no matter how small or large, should be prepared for.

Do you want Aidmatrix to help you run a similar Disaster Continuity Plan for your office? We can help you plan, create and execute a continuity plan to ensure that your office and employees will be prepared in the event of a disaster. Contact Karen Krygowski at Karen_Krygowski@aidmatrix.org for more information.

Keith Thode
Aidmatrix Chief Operating Officer

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