Monday, June 7, 2010

FareShare UK goes live with Aidmatrix Network™

FareShare is a UK national charity which supports communities to relieve food poverty. In their last fiscal year FareShare redistributed food providing over 7.4 million meals, or serving on average 29,000 people every day.

In 2009 FareShare started a program to improve the efficiencies of their supply chain. Accenture’s Corporate Social Responsibility group provided resources from their supply chain consulting practice to help them with their new design. As a result, FareShare made several changes to their business processes and made the decision to partner with Aidmatrix for the technology to support their supply chain.

On May 28, FareShare achieved their first technology milestone: The FareShare depot in London went live on the Aidmatrix Network™. The UK’s premier food bank network began using the integrated In-kind Donations Management module with their first Online Warehouse module implementation in their food depot in Bermondsey, London literally overnight.

FareShare London receives goods from more than 200 suppliers and donors and it delivers these to more than 100 Community Food Members which, in turn, support more than 1,000 families and individuals who are not able to get sufficient nutrition on their own.

This is the first step of several more to follow. London is the pilot. FareShare’s other 12 operations across the United Kingdom will use the system within the next 5 months. The depots in the FareShare network have reached a high level of professionalism and operating excellence which is now complemented by the Aidmatrix suite of systems.

FareShare, Accenture and Aidmatrix worked hard but also had great fun in making this happen. It was a gratifying experience as the first trucks were unloaded, the goods received through the system and later those same trucks were loaded with the first deliveries for the day.

Earlier this year FareShare was named “Britain’s Most Admired Charity”. They are at the centre of two of the most urgent issues facing the UK – food poverty and food waste.

Comments from the Project Team:

“Thanks Aidmatrix for helping FareShare reach a significant milestone. With the first of our Depots now up and running we are a major step closer getting to our eventual aim of getting all of our Depots live on the system and networked. Looking forward to the rest of the journey together!” David Meller, FareShare National Office

“Switching the system on was the culmination of many years of work. Finally, everything just came together; with FareShare having the resources and support necessary to make the jump and implement this new system. I have really enjoyed the whole process of working with Aidmatrix and Accenture to develop and roll out the system, so it fits the requirements of the FareShare operation.” Maria Kortbech-Olesen, FareShare National Office

“Allocating an offer of yogurt on the first day of the go-live was a bit nerve-wracking, but the system worked well and the whole process was quick and easy. I’m looking forward to seeing how it speeds up my day-to-day tasks, and makes the reporting of data more manageable.”
Grace Rowley, FareShare National Office

“I was excited when I realized I could access my inventory data from home.” Jeredine Thomas, Fareshare London

“FareShare, Aidmatrix and Accenture have successfully deployed the Aidmatrix Warehouse system in the FareShare London Depot, the system supports FareShare to expand the depot network giving more vulnerable people access to good food and also the training and skills development offered by FareShare. As part of the Accenture team delivering this work, I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to work so closely with two of the Accenture Foundations worthwhile recipients.” Victoria Kay, Accenture

“The initial FareShare / Aidmatrix go-live has been fantastic to be involved with as within FareShare there is a really positive feel of achievement. As an outsider it is clear that this is an important step for FareShare and on a day to day basis it has been really exciting to work for one of the 3 organisations that have been cooperating so closely to make this happen.”
Scott Healy, Accenture

“It’s wonderful to see the very capable members on all levels in the FareShare team using the Aidmatrix system!”
Manfred Kohl, Aidmatrix

“When I first learned about FareShare and the work they were doing, I was interested in finding out how Aidmatrix could help. I’m very pleased that they chose to use the Aidmatrix Network™ and I am looking forward to working with them as they expand it across their growing network.” Shari Temple, Aidmatrix

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