Tuesday, November 3, 2009

National Association of Free Clinics Annual Summit

The National Association for Free Clinics held their 4th annual summit Oct. 25-27 in San Diego, CA. hosting more than 200 attendees from free clinics across the US.

It was a pleasure to connect with clinic administrators, staff, and volunteers that Melis Jones and I met last year in Rhode Island and hear updates concerning their clinics. Additionally, I met attendees that I have the privilege of supporting and had not met previously. One, Larry Robins of PediPlace in Lewisville, TX has graciously agreed to give several of our team a tour on Friday, Oct. 30th. His clinic is atypical in that they only serve children, whereas most of the NAFC member clinics do not serve children because they are generally covered under the CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) program, which is federally funded.

Many attendees reiterated their sincere gratitude to Aidmatrix. With small operating budgets for many and a really challenging economy, their cash donations are even more negatively impacted. The savings they receive ordering discounted and donated product through FreeClinicLink has been a real blessing to them.

I enjoyed interfacing with our valuable vendor partners as well including reps from Invacare Supply Group, Paul Fohlin; Home Diagnostics, Randy Lowenberg; and Henry Schein, Mike Clawson. Additionally, I reconnected with Morgan White of AmeriCares to whom we are thankful for managing many of our donations.

The summit also allowed me the opportunity to spend time with Nicole Lamoureux, the NAFC executive director, and many of her board members. Thanks to Nicole and M. Jean Serafy of the Free Clinics of the Western Region for all their hard work in making this annual summit for the free clinics so informative and meaningful. These free clinics do the work of angels on the ground with the uninsured and underinsured in America.

Next year’s summit will be held in Cleveland, OH.

Charlotte Medley
Aidmatrix Office Manager

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