Monday, April 27, 2009

LIVE Post from the NTEN National Technology Conference

This is a LIVE blog post from the NTEN National Technology Conference.
This is the premier conference in the Nonprofit IT world. In a down economy, the conference sold out - it's that valuable of an experience.

Right now Clay Shirky is speaking, author of Here Comes Everybody - really society-shaking observations.

'We spend more time & energy finding out if something will fail, than we would have if we just tried it.'

'In social media, the intention of users has more impact than the intention of the designers.'
are just two of the quotes 'retweeted' on the internet.

Catch portions of the conference live at

I am presenting at the NTEN Conference from 3.30-5pm CST today as one of the author-led sessions from our book Managing Technology to Meet your Mission.
The topic: Budgeting and Funding for IT. I have assembled a panel including Tracy Isler of Accenture, Michael Enos of the Santa Clara Food Bank, and Simon Moloney of NPower. I think it's a great mix of practitioners and advisors.

You can help our session be successful from wherever you are...
Send me thoughts regarding the topic by email at or better yet send Twitter messages with the hash - #MYMBudget - All comments and questions, points to resources, etc. are welcome.

See the chatter live by Twitter Searching for 09NTC. It's amazing just to see the change in our culture and how we relate to technology. While Shirky is speaking, there are about 200 simultaneously commenting on his lecture live online.

Keith Thode, COO and CTO, Aidmatrix

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