Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lone Star Association of Charitable Clinics

Surrounded by the East Texas Pines, the members of the Lone Star Association of Charitable clinics had their annual conference in the Woodlands, Texas. Over 45 free clinics were able to take a day off from serving the uninsured to learn new ideas in the free clinic world. After many other valuable classes in development, fundraising, and health clinic management, the group met for lunch and heard the message of FreeClinicLink™, Aidmatrix's medical relief program.

The presentation began with a general inquiry to the audience of who has heard of FreeClinicLink™. About half of the audience raised their hand and those people were asked what they thought of the solution. Shouts from the audience included “we love it,” “you guys are great,” “it has saved us so much,” and “thank you thank you thank you.” Many of the clinics who were not using the program flooded the booth after the presentation in efforts to save their clinic what the average clinic saves - $80,000 a year. It reminded me how valuable this program is to millions of people across the country, and it reaffirmed how much of an impact the program can make in local communities to the uninsured.

Brad Watts, Texas Program Manager

Want to find out more about the program? Click here.

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